Wednesday, 28 June 2017  
FIFA says Qatar ‘may not have’ met World Cup bid standards, but it’s still hosting it


It's still hosting the tournament after numerous Gulf states have cut ties with the country.

Systems down as cyber attack sweeps globe


A major global cyber attack has disrupted computers at Russia's biggest oil company, Ukrainian banks and multinational firms with a virus similar to the ransomware that last month infected more than 300,000 computers.

�UK adviser said no to sprinkler retrofit
ďż˝‘Big Bang Theory’ star’s ranch burns down
ďż˝Cosby no plans for ‘sexual assault tour’
�Helicopter attacks Venezuela court
ďż˝Rex Tillerson accused of ‘brazen interventionist plan’ to change Iran’s government
�Time mag wants Trump to pull fake covers
�Police helicopter attacks Supreme Court in Venezuela
�Brooklyn Beckham launches book in London
Sarah Palin Sues 'New York Times,' Says Editorial Defamed Her


The Times editorial, which was corrected later, linked one of Palin's political action committee ads to the mass shooting in January 2011 that severely wounded then-Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords.

Anticipation Grows in Path of Solar Eclipse


Hopkinsville, Kentucky, a city of about 32,000 people will have one of the longest durations of the solar eclipse on August 21. Tens of thousands of people are expected to watch the eclipse from this rural area. (June 28)

�Three Chicago Officers Face Cover-Up Charges
�Today in History for June 28th
�Bestiality conviction reinstated in sexual assault of roommate's dog
�Tips on avoiding heatstroke and dehydration
�Video Shows Man Plucked from Raging Calif. River
�Sofia Coppola on finding professional and personal fulfillment
�Nicole Kidman says her mother persuaded her not to quit acting
�La Santa Cecilia took risks to focus on undocumented immigrants
The Max-Q: The Coolest Thing Out of Computex


I didn't attend Computex this year, and that was sad for everything but my budget, because there was a ton of cool stuff announced at the show. Dell, HP and Lenovo showed off new designs that were both attractive and compelling. Mixed-reality headsets hit; based on Intel and Microsoft technology, they were far more affordable than the strong virtual reality stuff already in market.

�Xinix Offers Linux Lovers a Path to Zen
�Cyberattackers Kick Down a Few Parliament Email Doors
�Datical Brings DevOps to Database Deployment MonitoringDatical Brings DevOps to Database Deployment Monitoring
�Webinar June 28: How You Can Improve Your Machine Learning with SparkWebinar June 28: How You Can Improve Your Machine Learning with Spark
�Claroty Adds Secure Remote Access to ICS Security PlatformClaroty Adds Secure Remote Access to ICS Security Platform

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